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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mini project of the week 1 - Kitchen organisation sack!

This morning I got irritated. Every time I open the cupboard that we keep crisps in everything falls out. I'd love one of those kitchens you see in the showroom section of Ikea where every drawer has useful storage whatsits, but as we rent our tiny tiny house and the kitchen is really weirdly laid out, we have to resort to cramming things in wherever we can. Hence the avalanche of packets of crisps every time we open this particular cupboard.

See what I mean?
So, I decided to make a sack to store crisps in, similar to the potato bag we have in the same cupboard (well, crisps come from potatoes don't they? Of course they should be stored together...).

I started with two contrasting cotton fabrics from my fabric bag.

Pretty colours!
I cut matching pieces from each fabric and folded each piece in two. Then I laid one piece on top of the other and ran a line of stitches down each side.

Next I turned the fabric the right way round and folded the top over, running a line of stitches along the raw edge.

Getting there!

I turned the top over again, further this time, and ran a second line of stitches around the edge, leaving a small area unstitched. Lastly I threaded a piece of yellow ribbon through the top hem I'd just created, to use as a drawstring.

Ta dah!
Finished! This took literally about half an hour to do and it was so easy, and when we eventually move into a not so tiny tiny house we can use the bag for something else.


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